General information about the openmv cam

Local filesystem and SD card

If you don’t have an SD card installed then your OpenMV Cam will have its file system root directory set to the internal flash. If an SD card is installed instead then the root directory will be set to that. When the SD card is inserted the internal filesystem is not accessible.


File system support will be re-worked in the future to work like all other pyboards. File system support works like this right now because the base OpenMV code is rather old and we never got around to fixing this issue.

Boot modes

Connect the BOOT0 pin to 3.3V/RST before plugging the OpenMV Cam into your computer to put your OpenMV Cam into DFU mode. In DFU mode you can use DFU programmer tools to un-brick your OpenMV Cam if you were editing the firmware yourself for a custom experience.

Errors: flashing LEDs

If you see the red LED flashing (and you didn’t program it to do so) then your OpenMV Cam encountered an unrecoverable hardware error.

If you see the red LED turn on randomly but not flash then that is just your computer accessing the OpenMV Cam’s flash file system.