MicroPython tutorial

This tutorial is intended to get you started with your openmvcam. All you need is a openmvcam and a micro-USB cable to connect it to your PC. If it is your first time, it is recommended to follow the tutorial through in the order below.


The tutorial is not available yet. It will be in the following weeks. For now... things to know:

  • 1: If your camera IC is dirty then you can clean it with a micro fiber cloth doused in isopropyl alcohol.
  • 2: You have to manually attach your lens to your OpenMV Cam and focus it yourself (it would cost a fortune for MacroFab to to this for us). Use the helloworld.py script in the IDE to help.
  • 3: For windows, see the setup guide link on the docs homepage.
  • 4: For Mac, we don’t have an IDE for you just yet, we’ll generate one after we finish the docs. Alternatively, you can install the development environment for Mac and just run the IDE yourself (because its a python script) if you can’t wait.
  • 5: For linux, just plug the camera into your computer and it should work.
  • 6: Be-gentle with the USB connector (it’s surface mount only).
  • 7: Select an area in the IDE’s frame buffer and then click copy color to get color tracking settings (starting point settings you’ll have to tweak them to make them work for everything).
  • 8: Have fun, and if you want to help us out fork our repo and sumbit PRs. You can add new features to the firmware if you think something is missing. You don’t have to wait on us.
  • 9: Ask questions on the forums. Save email for private stuff.
  • 10: Seriously, post questions on the forum, we’ll answer really quickly. Don’t be afraid of posting things on the forums. We want user feedback so we know what needs to be our focus.

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