class DACBacklight – DAC Backlight

The DACBacklight class is used to control a screen backlight.


class display.DACBacklight(channel[, bits=8])

Creates a backlight object to initialize the display backlight. This class should be passed as the backlight argument to any display object constructor which can use a backlight controller.

channel specifies the DAC channel to use. This can be the GPIO pin also. For STM32 based OpenMV Cams this is P5.

bits specifies the resolution of the DAC. The default value of 8-bits should be good enough.



Deinitializes the backlight controller.


Sets the backlight strength from 0-100. Note that a linear voltage on the backlight output will not necessary result in a linear brightness change on the screen. Typically there’s a small region where the screen brightness will change drastically.